[2016] KNMI Technical Report TR-358
A.P.M. Baede and G.P. Können

In the framework of a long-term joint co-operation between Japan and KNMI aimed at climate reconstruction of Japan in its pre-instrumental era, we now explored the availability of the mostly visual weather data in the daily Diary of the Chief of the Dutch trading post on the island Dejima near Nagasaki. A Pilot project extracted the Januaries of the years 1700-1860; the Follow-up project extracted all months during the period 1817-1823, the term of office of the Chief Jan Cock Blomhoff. Together with the subsequently extracted Von Siebold data 1825-1828 (a supplementary project), the Cock Blomhoff series provides a detailed picture of the Kyushu daily weather in the early 19th century. With this report all data are made systematically accessible and available for further analysis.

The data files can be accessed either directly by going to https://data.knmi.nl/datasets/decima/1?q=Japan,

 or by first going to the KNMI database https://data.knmi.nl/datasets, and then typing in the keyword field either ‘Japan’, or ‘Decima’.