[2003] J. Climate 16, 118-131, doi:10.1175/1520-0442(2003)016<0118:PEOTJI>2.0.CO;2
G. P. Können, A. P. M. Baede, M. Zaiki, T. Mikami, P. D. Jones, and T. Tsukahara

Instrumental observations from Dejima (Nagasaki), taken under the responsibility of the Dutch, covering the periods 1819-1828, 1845-1858 and 1871-1878 have been recovered. The Dejima series overlaps by six months with the modern Nagasaki Observatory series 1878-present. The recovered data extend the start of the instrumental Japanese series back from 1872 to 1819, leaving major gaps during 1829-1844 and 1859-1871.