Climate scenarios IRMA and perspectives
Published in In: M.B.A van Asselt, H. Middelkoop, S.A. van 't Klooster, W.P.A. van Deursen, M. Haasnoot, J.C.J. Kwadijk, H. Buiteveld ,G.P. Können, J. Rotmans, N. van Gemert and P. Valkering, Development of flood management strategies for the Rhine and Meuse basins in in 2001
G. P. Können
The Climate scenario's for WB21 (published in Dutch, see the chapter ‘klimaat' of this website) are explained and augmented with a stagnating Gulf Stream scenario. The various scenario's are coupled on the so-called ‘perspectives' (Egalitarian, Controlist/Individualist), defined in the IRMA report.