Recovery of early 19th century meteorological observations in Japan
Published in Proceedings of the International Conference on Climate Change and Variability, Tokyo, Japan, September 13-17, 1999, by Tokyo Metropolitan University (Ed. T. Mikami), pp 101-102. Tokyo: International Geographical Union in 2000
G.P. Können, M. Zaiki, and T. Mikami
The official meteorological records in Japan starts in 1872. We recovered instrumental meteorological observations in Dejima (Nagasaki) taken under responsibility of the Dutch, covering the periods 1845-1858 and 1871-1883. The Dejima series overlaps both with the Nagasaki Observatory series 1878-present and the Nagasaki documentary series 1700-1868. It provides a means for calibrating the documentary series. Together with recoverd 1819-1830 Dejima series, it pushes the instrumental Nagasaki series back from 1878 to 1817, leaving major gaps 1831-1844 and 1859-1870.