Beobachtungsvorschlag: Regulus in der Morgendämmerung am 3. Oktober 2020 (in German)
Published in Meteoros 23(2), 62-63 in 2020
G. P. Können
A very close Venus-Regulus conjunction (2 Oct 23 UT, minimum separation 5’) can be used to explore the naked-eye visibility of Regulus during dawn. In Europe, the Venus-star separation in the early morning of 3 Oct is 20’. The proposal is to determine the moment when the visibility of Regulus is lost in the sky background. This project is a follow-up from the previous attempt (2012), described in the Appendix of my paper 'Naked eye visibility of Siriusin broad daylight’ (Applied Optics 54, B1-B7 (2015), downloadable from this website.