Pre-1872 extension of the Japanese instrumental meteorological observation series back to 1819
Published in J. Climate 16, 118-131, doi:10.1175/1520-0442(2003)016<0118:PEOTJI>2.0.CO;2 in 2003
G. P. Können, A. P. M. Baede, M. Zaiki, T. Mikami, P. D. Jones, and T. Tsukahara
Instrumental observations from Dejima (Nagasaki), taken under the responsibility of the Dutch, covering the periods 1819-1828, 1845-1858 and 1871-1878 have been recovered. The Dejima series overlaps by six months with the modern Nagasaki Observatory series 1878-present. The recovered data extend the start of the instrumental Japanese series back from 1872 to 1819, leaving major gaps during 1829-1844 and 1859-1871.